Member Payment

KCOT Members,

          Kiwanis Club of Tempe is the "Club of Clubs" because of dedicated and compassionate members like you, who are willing to share your spirit with fellow Kiwanians and neighbors in our community.  Your affiliation and involvement with KCOT is appreciated beyond measure!  Together we strive to uphold the Objects of Kiwanis International, to provide service to our Tempe community, to extend the opportunity of membership to all persons of goodwill, and to dedicate ourselves to serving the children of the world.

           Payment for membership dues and ancillary charges may be remitted via check or credit card.  Thank you for personifying our mission of helping kids and improving our community by participating in KCOT meetings, service projects, functions, and events.  

*  For credit cards, please add 3% plus $0.30 cents to the invoice amount to cover our processing fee.  Example:  $100 invoice X 0.03 + $0.30 fee = $103.30 payment

*   If Safari web browser does not work, please try Chrome or Firefox.

Pay By Check

Payable to:  KCOT

Mail to:  P.O. Box 27366
                    Tempe, AZ 85285

Pay By Credit card