George F. Hixson Fellow Award

Kiwanis International created the George F. Hixson Fellow Award in 1983 for contributions of $1,000 or more to the Kiwanis International Foundation.  George F. Hixson was the first Kiwanis International president who dedicated 50 years of his life in service to Kiwanis.  In 1986, charter KCOT member Alfred Thomas Jr. made a personal contribution and received his own Hixson.  In 1996, the board of KCOT determined it would name one Hixson recipient each year and give $1,000 to the foundation in their honor.  List of award recipients for donations given directly by KCOT:  


1986 - Alfred Thomas Jr. 

1996 - Lawn Griffiths
1997 - Kenneth Shook

1998 - Neil Giuliano

1999 - Alan Whitehead

2000 - Linda Spears

2001 - Robert Williams

2002 - Dr. Jim Yount

2003 - Ralph Lingerfelt

​2004 - Jim Harelson

2005 - Dr. Judy Aldrich

2005 - Karl Wochner
2006 - Carol Balk
2007 - Dr. Roger Boylan
2008 - Ralph Packer
2009 - Chris Rosner
2010 - Dick Neuheisel
​2012 - Shana Ellis
2013 - Sharon Kausal
2014 - Russ Plieseis

2015 - Mike Cryer

​2016 - Mike Jennings
2017 - Dr. Dean Plainer
2018 - Mark Richwine

​2019 - Pam Goronkin

Don Carlos Humanitarian Award

Don Carlos Humanitarian Award, presented by Tempe Community Council, is bestowed annually to an individual or couple who has dedicated their lives to the service of others, and has made a significant impact in the community.  The Don Carlos Humanitarian Award is considered one of the highest honors given to Tempe citizens, and was named after Tempe's founder, Charles Trumbull Hayden.  Hispanic pioneers of Tempe affectionately referred to Mr. Hayden as "Don Carlos" - who dedicated most of his life to assisting those in need, and bettering his community.

Since 1984, the first year the award was presented, Kiwanis Club of Tempe members have accounted for ten of the awards bestowed: ​


1991 - Mimi and Mac Bohlman

1994 - Pat Hatton
1995 - Lawn Griffiths
​2005 - Jane and Dick Neuheisel​
​2007 - Linda Spears

2013 - Kerry Fetherston
​2014 - Neil G. Giuliano
2015 - Raveen Arora
​2016 - Shana Ellis
​2017 - Kathy Stevens

2019 - Christine Busch

Guiding Light Lifetime Achievement in Philanthropy Award​

In 2014, the Tempe Community Council honored the Kiwanis Club of Tempe with the Guiding Light Lifetime Achievement in Philanthropy Award​ for more than 60 years of giving funds, labor, leadership and heart to the community.  TCC Executive Director, Kate Hanley, stated that KCOT has contributed more than $2.5 million to a plethora of organizations and specific worthy projects since 1952.  The printed program noted, "Kiwanis Club of Tempe is a pillar of the community that supports youth and provides leadership.  KCOT members have provided countless hours of service...."


Outstanding Community Leadership Award

Since 1990, Tempe Leadership has chosen a Tempe resident for its Outstanding Community Leadership Award for demonstrating the best of leadership for the betterment of Tempe.  The award is given at the  Tempe Chamber of Commerce's Beacon Awards.  To date, nine KCOT members have earned the honor: 


1992 - Lawn Griffiths

1999 - Linda Spears
2002 - William "Bill" Regner
​2005 - Neil Giuliano

2008 - Sharon Doyle

2010 - Margaret Hunnicutt (corporate member)

​2012 - Beth Fiorenza
2013 - Harvey Gibson (corporate member)

2014 - Shana Ellis
2015 - Mike Jennings

2018 - Dr. Judy Aldrich